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Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Getting a Maintenance and Protection Plan.

Presented by Enercare

Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Getting a Maintenance and Protection PlanThere are probably a few things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off. You’ve probably said to yourself, “eh, there’s always tomorrow”, picked up your phone, scrolled through several newsfeeds and called it a night (a routine that’s been happening for weeks now). We get it. We’re all in the same boat. Well, today’s the day you check one of those things off, because today, you’ll make the call on whether you should get a HVAC maintenance and protection plan.

Reason Why You Should #1

Manufacturer warranties are not only useful but can save on costs and your time. Getting a yearly tune-up and inspection to help ensure that your furnace, boiler, and/or air conditioner are operating safely and efficiently will keep them valid.

Reason Why You Should #2

Yoga mats, Himalayan salts and jazz music get you temporary peace of mind, but having scheduled professional checkups at the start of every heating and cooling season gets you peace of mind for years to come.

Reason Why You Should #3

It’s all good until it’s not and that’s when having an emergency plan counts. Make sure your contract includes an emergency service, so you don’t find yourself without heat when you need it most, like in the middle of a snowstorm when even the pizza delivery guy can’t deliver.

Reason Why You Should #4

A machine that’s well-maintained, runs smoothly. A machine that runs smoothly doesn’t need to work as hard. A machine that doesn’t need to work as hard, works better. A machine that works better will likely keep your utility bills at a minimum. Save money, save energy and save yourself some trouble.

Reason Why You Should #5

Look out for future you. Investing in a plan now will save you money in the long run by helping to prevent breakdowns in the first place. Having a professional look at your equipment at least once a year gives them the opportunity to spot problematic wear and tears. In fact, it’s the best way to correct and identify small problems before they turn out to be big ones.

Reason Why You Should #6

Work hard, play hard, right? Make sure your personal time and savings are spent on things you actually enjoy; which definitely isn’t worrying about a furnace repair that can cost thousands. Get a plan that can protect your home, budget and good spirits.

With a plan from Enercare, you’ll be able to make unlimited service calls, receive a HomeCare Report including expert assessment and recommendations, have access to 365-day parts and labour protection, and count on quick service for all your requests. Sign up today and live in comfort.

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