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Four Solutions to Ensure Cleaner, Clearer Water at Home

Presented by Enercare

Whether you shower in the morning or at night — whether you drink coffee, tea or green juice to get your day started — whether you do laundry routinely or only when you run out of clothes, your house goes through a lot of water every day. Installing a water solutions product reduces any contaminants that may be in your water so you can enjoy benefits like cleaner dishes and glasses, softer hair and skin, and a longer lifespan on your appliances.

Depending on your home and lifestyle, you might need one of the following solutions:

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Whole Home Filtration Systems
  • Water Softening Systems
  • Water Conditioning Systems

Not sure what they do? Or their differences? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Get Bottled Water from the Tap

A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System and Whole Home Filtration System eliminates impurities that can change the colour and taste of water.  Some of these contaminants include fluoride, chlorine, detergents, salt, lead, pesticides, nitrates, sulfates, iron, mercury, asbestos and arsenic. Not good. You’re probably thinking, really? Well, when it comes to dissolved metals and chemicals, you might not be able to see them when you fill your glass, but they are making an impact on your food, clothing and hygiene. These Systems allow you to taste the difference without the use of chemicals, making it good for your health and the planet.

Not All Minerals are Created Equal

A Water Softening System removes calcium and magnesium minerals from your water. You might wonder whether that’s a bad thing, after all, you’re supposed to get a daily dose of those vitamins. But there’s a difference between having them in your water and getting them through your food. Calcium and magnesium create what we call “hard” water. And it’s usually what municipal water facilities supply our homes with. Hard water leads to scale buildup in your pipes, solid deposits inside your water heater, sediment in your appliances like dishwashers, coffee makers and ice machines, leftover soap on your body and hair, wrinkly clothing and streaky dishes. While these side effects aren’t huge deal breakers and can be dealt with when they come up, imagine the time, energy, and money you could save by preventing future problems.

A Water Conditioning System manipulates the way calcium and magnesium behaves in water. So, while they’re still present, they don’t build up on surfaces and cause problems. A water conditioner also tackles other contaminants like bacteria and algae, which can collect on any surface. Like water softeners, the point is to prevent buildup and residue.

No matter which water solution (or combination of solutions) you go with, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having natural tasting water, brighter laundry, spotless dishes, fewer clogs, longer-lasting appliances and softer skin and hair.

Contact Enercare for a state-of-the-art water treatment system. We offer competitive pricing, flexible payment options, expert installation, service by fully licensed plumbers, complimentary installation and a 24/7 customer support centre. With us, your comfort is guaranteed.